How Do You Know If It’s Time To Replace Your Garage Door?

Garage Door Replacement

We demand a lot from our garage doors. They not only need to stand up against daily use and protect your home in the process, but also handle extreme weather conditions without any problems.

For years, your garage door has been providing security and shelter to all the items in it. But as time goes on, they can experience wear-and-tear which could lead you towards having breakdowns.

This is where Main Street Garage Doors comes into play with our quick replacement services for quality doors at competitive prices that will keep both yourself & what’s inside safe from harm’s way.

Signs You Need Garage Door Replacement

When the garage door doesn’t work correctly, there are usually some obvious signs. For example: if you notice that it won’t open or close properly and the spring has snapped then you know you need repair or replacement right away.

But there are a few not so noticeable signs that your garage door is about to fail:

  • A slow response time when opening or closing – This could mean there are problems with the motor
  • Sagging sections – This can indicate heavy use over many years which may lead to more serious issues like decay (and even collapse).
  • Large amounts of noise during operation – This might be caused by lubrication systems failure.

We know that in most cases, a door is not going to get better with age. If you start noticing signs like these and they continue or become more frequent, then it might be time for an inspection from our team. We’re here to help you find the perfect garage door for your needs. We have a team of experienced technicians who will make sure that not only does it look good, but also operates efficiently and safely.

Update Your Home with A New Garage Door

Your garage door is the perfect way to add style and functionality to your home. It can make or break what you want for it. If anything goes wrong with this essential mechanism then there are many reasons why replacing an old one might be necessary, but luckily, we have plenty of styles that will match any design preference, so creating an entrance without hassle has never been easier! So, update your home with that fresh look with a stylish, new garage door.

Garage Door Replacement at an Affordable Price

The team at Main Street Garage Doors takes pride in providing customers with quality service and products. We offer a wide range of services, including installation for residential homes or businesses that need new doors installed. If you are looking to replace your garage door soon but aren’t sure what style would be best suited just contact one of our expert technicians today so we can help point out all the benefits associated with each type all at an affordable price.

Fast and Reliable Garage Door Service

You deserve reliable, fast service for all your garage door needs. That’s why we at Main Street Garage Door put the safety and satisfaction of our customers first in every transaction – from installation to repairs!

When you call us today with any questions or concerns about how well-maintained your garage door might be, our experts can give you answers to all your garage door needs. Learn more about how we can help by calling today!

Contact the experienced and highly trained garage door technicians at Main Street Garage Doors & Openers if you ever need help with garage door repairs, replacement or installation. We offer 24-hour garage door emergency services. We even provide commercial garage door services. Check out our garage door annual maintenance plans as well.

About Us

Why pay more for the same great garage door service? Sure, you can call the big franchise garage door companies, but since 2007, we’ve been helping home and business owners with garage door repairs, replacement, and routine maintenance at affordable prices. We even provide emergency garage door services.

When you need help with your garage doors, make Main Street Garage Doors & Openers your first call. You’ll be glad you did.

Service Areas

For more than 15 years, we’ve been providing affordable professional garage door services to homeowners and commercial businesses all around Northern Atlanta including:

Flowery Branch

Garage Door Services

Main Street Garage Doors & Openers provides a variety of professional garage door repair services around Atlanta including:

  • Bent/Broken Track
  • Broken Spring
  • Broken Cable
  • Panel Replacement
  • Weatherstripping
  • Garage door replacement
  • Routine garage door maintenance
  • Commercial garage door services
  • Emergency Garage door repairs

After hearing a loud bang that caused me to jump up, grab a flashlight and a weapon to investigate, I discovered that one of our springs broke in the garage door. Since I wasn't going anywhere for the rest of the night, I called Main Street and talked to Ryan. He walked me through what to do if I needed to go anywhere and promised to come out in the morning. He came out first thing, and fixed us right up. He even gave me some tips on how to prolong the garage door opener. I really appreciated his promptness and outstanding customer service! Great company!
Cliff Tillery
Cliff Tillery
Our garage door broke last night. I called first thing this morning and they were out in two hours. They were professional, knowledgeable, had all of the parts needed in their truck, and fixed everything within an hour. I work from home and they texted updates throughout the job so my meetings wouldn’t be interrupted. They were AWESOME.
Laura Coy
Laura Coy
Great local company. Quick service and very knowledgeable. they also helped me save $$$$ on my opener. And follow up to ensure everything is working correctly.
Richard Farrell
Richard Farrell
Highly Recommend Main Street Garage Doors! Couldn't have asked for better service! Fast, reliable service with fair prices. They made this such an easy process!
Kari Hiers
Kari Hiers
Main Street garage doors came within an hour of my initial phone call and got my garage door back up in running This type of service is hard to find now a days This company is great
Ginger C
Ginger C
We were headed out of town when the cable broke on one of our garage doors. Called Main Street Garage Doors and Openers and explained the situation. They were out within two hours and had the door repaired and also did a quick check to make sure everything was working properly. They will now always be my “go to” guys for repairs and service. Thank you Ryan and Matthew for your quick response to our situation.
Charles Lanier
Charles Lanier
Great service! We got a quote for a repair easily & got our garage fixed quickly!
Stanley Wang
Stanley Wang

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