Why It’s Important to Hire a Professional to Install Your Garage Door

Why Consider Hiring a Garage Door Pro?

Experience matters when it comes to installing a garage door. A professional contractor will have the experience and expertise needed for your project, including knowing how much materials cost so you don’t overpay or undersee what’s being installed into your home.

If you’re considering installing or replacing your garage door, consider hiring qualified professionals. The question is whether to do it yourself and if so, why? You might be tempted by cheaper costs but could find yourself worse off than before without knowing all the advantages that come from hiring someone who knows what they are doing!

When Should I Get My Garage Door Replaced?

It’s a great question and one that many people don’t consider until it’s too late. Ideally, we want to get your garage doors replaced before any problems arise but sometimes there are signs in the early stages of whether it might be necessary.

When you notice any of the following signs, it may be time to get a new garage door:

  • Grinding or knocking noises
  • Slow to open
  • Misaligned track
  • Doesn’t open or close properly
  • Slams shut without warning
  • Weather damage or warping

What Are the Benefits of Hiring a Professional to Install Your Garage Door?

If you have been experiencing problems with your current garage door, installing, or replacing it is essential to not only maintain your home’s value but also for safety purposes. That said, there are several great reasons why something like this should be left up to professionals who know what they’re doing:

Experience and Knowledge

When you’re looking for a garage door installer, experience is an important factor. A qualified professional will not only have the know-how necessary but also ensure all tasks are completed correctly the first time so there’s less risk of damage or injury during installation.

You can also turn to an expert for help choosing the best type of garage door. A professional will know what is right for your home and its needs.

The Right Tools and Equipment

You might be missing something essential if you’ve never installed a garage door before. Professional installers will arrive with all the tools and equipment necessary to get it done. So, there’s no need for any additional tool purchasing or renting required.

Functionality and Safety

Installing a garage door is a big job. We’re not saying you can’t do it yourself, but we do get quite a few calls from homeowners who have taken a run at hanging the doors themselves only to find that they don’t quite function properly.

Few things are more frustrating than getting partway through a garage door replacement project and seeing how it doesn’t open or close properly.

Our garage door techs are highly trained and certified. Not only that, but most people who have installed garage doors themselves have only done it one or two times before. Our staff has installed hundreds if not thousands of doors, so there’s something to be said for bringing experience to every job.

And, let’s not forget that installing a garage door can be a risky adventure for the novice. There are plenty of things that can and do go wrong. We’ve heard stories of homeowners seriously injuring themselves- from falling off a ladder to dropping the door on their foot. Using a certified garage door company is a great way to avoid these safety issues.

Do You Have the Time to Do It Yourself?

Installing a new garage door can be time-consuming and laborious, particularly if this is your first attempt. How many stops will you make along the way as you troubleshoot problems? A professional installer has extensive knowledge that ensures reliability.

When you hire a professional installer, your garage door will be taken care of in an efficient and timely manner. The knowledge they have is perfect for making sure that it’s not left open to the elements or wildlife visiting your home.

On top of that, you can’t be too careful when handling a heavy, moving object like your garage door. It has been known to cause accidents if not handled correctly and there are safety factors involved in doing so such as springs breaking or cables snapping which could lead you into an unfortunate situation where bodily harm may occur. Professional garage door installers know how to handle the process quickly and safely.

Guaranteed Performance

Installing a garage door is only the first step in securing your home. There are different types of systems and each one has its own unique features that you need to take into consideration before installing it yourself or hiring someone else for this task. The opener will vary depending on what kind, and if any security requirements exist. Even then there may still arise some concerns when considering all aspects including power requirements as well aesthetics. So, again it’s best to hire a professional.

In addition, when you choose a professional garage door installation service, not only will everything be set up correctly, but they come with warranties. If anything goes wrong in the future there’s no risk of getting charged extra for repairs.

The Right Garage Door Professionals for Your Home

You’ve got a lot of options when it comes to finding someone who can install your garage door. But before you make any decisions, ask these questions:

  • How long has the company been in business?
  • What types or styles of garage doors do they most often install?
  • What kind of service and repair policy do they have?
  • Is there 24/7 emergency service available?
  • Is there a free estimate for installation?
  • How long will it take to install your garage door?
  • Do they come equipped with all necessary tools and equipment on-site at the time of installation?

To find the right garage door installer for you, ask around your neighborhood to see if they have any thoughts on who might be good. Check online service sites and read reviews from past customers before making a decision!

We at Main Street Garage Doors would be happy to help you find the right garage door for your needs. We have a team of experts who are standing by, ready with expert advice on what type will work best!

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After hearing a loud bang that caused me to jump up, grab a flashlight and a weapon to investigate, I discovered that one of our springs broke in the garage door. Since I wasn't going anywhere for the rest of the night, I called Main Street and talked to Ryan. He walked me through what to do if I needed to go anywhere and promised to come out in the morning. He came out first thing, and fixed us right up. He even gave me some tips on how to prolong the garage door opener. I really appreciated his promptness and outstanding customer service! Great company!
Cliff Tillery
Cliff Tillery
Our garage door broke last night. I called first thing this morning and they were out in two hours. They were professional, knowledgeable, had all of the parts needed in their truck, and fixed everything within an hour. I work from home and they texted updates throughout the job so my meetings wouldn’t be interrupted. They were AWESOME.
Laura Coy
Laura Coy
Great local company. Quick service and very knowledgeable. they also helped me save $$$$ on my opener. And follow up to ensure everything is working correctly.
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Richard Farrell
Highly Recommend Main Street Garage Doors! Couldn't have asked for better service! Fast, reliable service with fair prices. They made this such an easy process!
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Kari Hiers
Main Street garage doors came within an hour of my initial phone call and got my garage door back up in running This type of service is hard to find now a days This company is great
Ginger C
Ginger C
We were headed out of town when the cable broke on one of our garage doors. Called Main Street Garage Doors and Openers and explained the situation. They were out within two hours and had the door repaired and also did a quick check to make sure everything was working properly. They will now always be my “go to” guys for repairs and service. Thank you Ryan and Matthew for your quick response to our situation.
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Charles Lanier
Great service! We got a quote for a repair easily & got our garage fixed quickly!
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